Wickman Day A Smash Hit!

 Not since January 1st, 2000 has the world seen such a global sensation

   The Bob Wickman Bobblehead Day Extravaganza of July 17, 2002 surpassed even the Warrior’s Club expectations as far as our Closer’s popularity is concerned.

 A crowd of 33,324 (decent for a Wednesday night) was on hand to see Danys Baez and the Boys put up a valiant effort, but eventually fall to the Minnesota Twins 8-5. Obviously, many fans never made it in to Jacobs Field due to the clogged freeways and the mass of humanity celebrating in and around downtown.

 The bleachers looked pretty much full to capacity and everyone had a great time paying tribute to our favorite pitcher, so everyone at Local 26 can rest assured that they did a fine job. Some pictures of the festivities:


 Too Grand
Wickman’s Warriors CIC  fund tops $2,000

 As a direct result of the Club’s campaigning for Bobby’s big day, donations to the WW”s Cleveland Indians Charities Fund surpassed our mid-season goal of $2,000 and netted several more Warrior recruits. The Club would like to thank Bob DiBiasio for the scoreboard and P.A. publicity, as well as Andy Baskin and Bill Needle for their FOX Sports Net coverage of our cause. A very special thanks goes out to Mr. Bob Wickman for his participation and help in our activities. Without his approval, the Club would not exist. Everyone above is to be commended for coming through in fine fashion, considering the sudden and tragic death of trainer Jimmy Warfield the day before.   

 From around the Country and the World  

More festivities…


Is Nothing Sacred?

 As the Big Day approached, shameless counterfeit dolls reared their ugly heads

 We should have seen it coming.

 Attempting to cash in on Bob Wickman’s enormous popularity as the Indians’ illustrious closer, unscrupulous con-men have taken to selling bogus bobbleheads to the Wickster’s adoring fans.

 Wickman’s Warrior member Laurie Schroeder was one the hapless victims of a shady huckster outside the Jake after a recent Tribe-Diamondbacks game.

 “I wanted to be the first Warrior to have a Wickman bobblehead; to be the envy of all my friends.”

 The gullible (and very blonde) Schroeder was easy prey:

 “The man wanted $50 for the doll, but I didn’t have any cash. So I traded him my lucky Honus Wagner autographed rookie card that I carry in my purse. I thought I’d made the deal of a lifetime, until I got home and noticed that the doll had ten fingers (1/2 fingers too many). Then I knew I’d been had. I guess I just lost my head.”

 *Wickman’s Warriors strongly urges a “buyer beware” attitude towards any Bob Wickman collectible items. Wick’s incredible pitching prowess has made him a worldwide phenomenon and has spawned a growing black market industry. Wait until July 17th or get your bobblehead at the Indians’ team shop to ensure you’re getting the genuine article.

 “I’m still holding out hope that I’ll get my lucky baseball card back”, said Schroeder. “I don’t think it’s worth anything, but it’s had sentimental value to me ever since I found it in my Grandfather’s attic.”


In a related story…

 Veteran reporter and sports personality Bill Needle, half of the Andy Baskin / Bill Needle FOX Sports Net Tribe Time team, was the victim of a heinous crime in the Media restroom at Jacobs Field.

 Bill and Andy, in recognition of their help and friendship towards the club, were both awarded tee shirts and exclusive membership status in the Wickman’s Warriors Baseball Empire.

 While Andy Baskin wisely used his shirt in a wonderful and informative story about the club, Bill foolishly turned his back on his gift while indisposed in the little boys’ room. “It was only out of my sight for a minute!”, wailed the lovable loser.

 Did he think his peers were above such treachery? Doesn’t he realize the value of Wickman-related items? Would he leave his wallet, his Rolex watch, or his Viagra on a restroom counter? We think not.

 We here at Local 26 decided to give Bill a second chance and replaced the pilfered tee. There will be, however, a stiff penalty enforced. Mr. Needle is hereby restricted from using the bathroom for the remainder of the baseball season. (Pray for a strike, Bill!)

World Wide Wick

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sports fans!

 The first day of summer has arrived, aaand…only 26 (get it?) shopping days left ‘till Bob Wickman Bobblehead Day at the Jake!

 Only a die-hard Wickman expert would know this, but Bob was traded to the Indians from the Brewers on July 28th, 2000- the eve of Bob Wickman Day in Milwaukee . That must have been rough on the Big-guy getting traded from his home state and missing his big day and all, but the Wickman’s Warriors Baseball Dynasty is preparing to right that gross injustice to our beloved closer by launching the first annual “Wickman Bobblehead Day Global Extravaganza”.

 The Empire has purchased 26 (get it?) bleacher seats for the July 17th game in the Warriors Den- Section 184. WW is also kicking off a national campaign to sell out Jacobs Field for Bobzilla’s special day; a campaign that has already reached Washington D.C.